About the Seminary

Calvary Theological Seminary CTS is a resource for pastors and christian workers.

Calvary Bible School, as it was then known, was started in September 1983, as an evening Bible school. It is presently a fulltime institution with library and other facilities, where over 1,000 students have followed courses or completed programs of studies. Graduates of the seminary are working today in many towns and villages in Sri Lanka, the Middle East, the USA and in many parts of the world.

Today, the Calvary Theological Seminary (CTS) operates several local and overseas extension centres, training ministers around the globe to fulfill the Great Commission.

The History

Rev. Dr. Tissa Weerasingha, founder and principal of the seminary, first had a vision of starting a Bible school in 1968. With this objective in mind, he pursued his studies overseas and returned to Sri Lanka to pastor Calvary Church, Kirulapone.

In 1983, during a time of fasting and praying, God confirmed in his heart that the “fullness of time” had come to launch the Bible school.

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